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One of my old animations for you to enjoy (2009)

30 frames

If art stealing is confirmed, is it appropriate to publicly expose the stealer? 

1,125 deviants said Maybe. False accusations can be damaging, but with strong evidence it's the right thing to do.
553 deviants said Yes. Art stealers deserve no mercy. They will have hard time committing more thefts when more people know their tendencies and possibly force them to close their account(s).
200 deviants said No. Although stealing is wrong, public revelation can spur exaggerated hostility towards the stealer which is bad on its own


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Do you find yourself in situations where the discussion steers towards something you have strong opinions but you know the majority will not share your thoughts and will definitely gang up on you, even if you raise a valid point or if it's based on cold statistics, other verifiable data or just common sense?

What comes to me, I want to ponder things from all angles, even those which are considered controversial. However, I'm usually bad at explaining my thoughts clearly, especially in face to face conversations (writing this isn't much easier, but at least I have some time to think this trough before posting). I also may not remember the details well enough to sound convincing. Although in some cases my thoughts truly reflects my real opinions, I also want to raise questions and,as I said, ponder things.

Usually I don't want speak my thoughts out, because I know that those I usually deal with in real life don't have the same way of thinking as I do. I tend to imagine that I jump outside of my body and mind into a objective and neutral space, where me or the others won't be harmed from mentally harsh thoughts. This "mode" allows me to take pretty much any kind of critique or opinions, because I can ignore my feelings about the matter (not completely waterproof, but good enough). However, if the other party doesn't enter this mode as well, there is a high chance that what I'm saying will sound blunt or controversial. And of course it does if you let your feelings take over. Another problem I find annoying is that (as I mentioned being bad at explaining things), some people will cling to one thoughtless word or phrase to devalue the whole thought. I feel words are too powerful sometimes. I will probably stumble with this journal as well.

Somethings are just true, whether you like it or not. Sometimes it doesn't really matter what your or my personal thoughts are. Like, I'm but one individual here. I though agree that sometimes there is nothing to gain from pointing out the truth either.

Let's leave political issues aside and just focus on art for now. It's more relevant topic in deviantart anyway.

In history, artists have been held in high regard and the standards of quality have been very high. Obviously, attaining mastery of perfect anatomy and other artistic aspects requires a lot of skill and effort, and those with greater skill are and should be rewarded for their remarkable achievements.

Today it's easy for pretty much anyone to pick up art as a hobby and call themselves an artist. As crazy as it may sound, a completely white painting can be forth millions. Turning an old urinal upside down is suddenly art. Is the point in who came up with the idea and made it reality first? Or is it just that people worship certain individuals so much that anything they do is art? I have difficulties treating something like that as art. I personally value true craftsmanship and skill. Things don't have to be realistic or perfect, but the works should convey the idea so that the illusion feels convincing. By the way, I admit that I'm not a big fan of abstract art.

If your art doesn't draw attention, it's not necessarily because others are idiots. The chances are that people won't see any reason to appreciate your art. Think about it, whose art do you hold in high regard?. I find that in this event it's more important to either accept that what you like to do isn't something others would appreciate and not make a fuss about it, or work on concepts and ideas that will make your works desirable. I don't care if you just want to create art for yourself and ignore what others think, but then you aren't in a position to blame others for their lack of interest towards your art. You need to deserve the attention with your abilities and not to expect anyone to follow you just because you call yourself an artist. Isn't that just common sense?

In my standards, I'm not an artist either, though my ultimate goal is to reach such high level of mastery that others would acknowledge my efforts and ability to draw. I'm aware of my shortcomings though, some of which are rooted deep within my way of thinking, but I either don't want or know how to deal with them, or I simply choose not to address them for the time being. I can only blame myself for those. If you enjoy my works, then it probably tells something about my ability to draw. Or maybe it's not my abilities but my tutorials that have gotten me where I am now. Whatever it is, I'll keep trying to earn your respect trough my works and actions instead of expecting it for granted. If you think I don't deserve it, that's fine too.

If you can enter the neutral arena in your mind, then I may open up a bit more xD

Nsio of the Hermit Mystics


E~Nsio of the Hermit Mystics
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Profession: Architect
Artistic ambition: recreational hobby
Pen name: Nsio (derives from my second name Ensio)
Artist since: 2004
Drawing software: Paint Tool SAI (primary), Clip Studio Paint (secondary)
Drawing tablet: Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Touch (upgraded from Wacom Cintiq 13HD after 3 years of use)

I'm devoted to manga and aiming for authentic Japanese manga feel with my drawings. I'm not really aiming for becoming mangaka though, so drawing is mostly just a hobby for me.


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Dude why have I not known of your existence till now? Are you an angel? Or am I on angeldust?
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Hey dude i'm digging the artwork also the tutorial's are very helpful to me by the way try this here if you want some great program's to use especially anime studio it kicks traditional animation out the window ok.
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I miss Sayaka! :)
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Im sorry to bother you. May I ask a question?
My drawing style might be weird but its about drawing tones for night time.
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I can't wait to see what you make next.
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Hi, im a nub im trying to learn more, thanks for the tutorials, much apreciated. Greetings from Colombia :)
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we are taught what we should know to move forward but few teach how we should learn it. 
keep standing in the gap!
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